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Pistol Mag Carrier Shells

Triton Holsters

  • 400

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1 - 49 $ 4.00
50 - 99 $ 3.50
100 - + $ 3.25

Trimmed shells are a great way to increase production volume, quality, and consistency of your products. We do all the leg work, and leave the finishing details to you. Our processes allow us to provide newer and smaller shops with the ability to offer their customers the highest quality products on the market.

We form the shells using a membrane-less press for the best accuracy and definition. Then trim out the shells on our router using individual trim boards unique to each specific mag shell. Lastly, we drill out all the mounting and retention holes and ship out the shells to you!

Once you receive your shells, there will be a small amount of work required to have your finished product. They come with a clean edge off of the router but will need a quick buffing to get rid of any sharp edges. This allows you to still decide if you want to give the product a matte or gloss edge finish. From there you can add your eyelets if desired. The last step will be to heat and fold over the magazine itself, then you're ready for hardware/attachments and ship out to the customer!

Offered in:
- Glock 9/40 doublestack (also fits m&p, vp9, p30, p320, cz75, and multiple other doublestack mags)
- Shield 9/40 singlestack (also fits xds)
- G43

*The compatibility of the mags listed above is dependent on being folded over the correct magazine. A shell cannot be folded over one mag and expected to fit the others listed. However if folded over each specific mag, that shell with then fit that mag.

*Shells will come formed, router trimmed and drilled. These will still require buffing, eyelets (if desired) and final folding for a finished product.*

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