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Quick Ship

Don't want to wait? Need your rig for an upcoming class? Then pick up one of our Quick Ship Items today and get your gear fast!

Custom orders take some time as they are made to order, fitting your specifications and giving you the ability to create the perfect rig to fit your style and desired function. Unfortunately waiting a few weeks for a custom order isn't always an option, so we've worked hard to be able to offer a line of Quick Ship Items! These items are the same precision fit, detailed, and high quality rigs offered by Triton that you've come to love, but without the wait. Here you'll find our most common setups equipped with the standard options for your convenience.

We'll also be featuring small runs of special graphics and color schemes for those looking for some limited edition setups.

*** All QUICK SHIP items are in stock and ship within 2-3 business days***



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